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Trigger Moment: Class Series 4 of 4

Trigger Moment: Class Series 4 of 4

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Welcome to the final class in our Pistol Shooting series: Trigger Moment. In this three-hour class, we focus on one of the most crucial moments in shooting—the instant you pull the trigger. Maintaining your sights and grip during this critical moment is vital for accuracy, control, and follow-through. Whether you're a novice or an experienced shooter, mastering the trigger moment is essential for achieving consistent and precise shot placement.

Class Curriculum:

  • Understanding the importance of the moment you pull the trigger
  • Proper trigger pull techniques
  • Managing anticipation and controlling recoil
  • Utilizing sights effectively during the trigger pull
  • Maintaining grip and stance 
  • Hands-on practice and individualized guidance


Join us for Trigger Moment, the final class in our Pistol Shooting series.. By mastering proper trigger pull, anticipation, sight usage, and recoil management, you will achieve greater accuracy, control, and consistency in your shooting. Mastering the trigger moment is a challenge for many, as they often struggle to understand how to overcome it. Don't miss out on this opportunity to refine your skills and take your shooting to new heights!

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