The Evolution of Shooting: The Real Goal!

The Evolution of Shooting: The Real Goal!

The Initial Ambition

In my early days of shooting, I was fixated on the idea of hitting a 1-inch target 100% of the time with a pistol at 10-15 yards. It seemed like the ultimate display of precision and skill. However, I quickly realized that achieving this level of accuracy would require not only setting up a gun specifically for this purpose but also dedicating myself to shooting that one gun exclusively for the rest of my life. The idea of limiting myself to one firearm felt restrictive and didn't align with my broader goals as a shooter.

A Shift in Perspective

With time, my perspective began to shift. I started to see that being able to hit a 4-inch target at 10 yards 90% of the time was a more practical and achievable goal. This level of proficiency would mean I could pick up any gun and shoot consistently within a 4-inch group at 10 yards. This new goal felt more realistic and versatile, and I knew it would require a different approach to training.

The Challenge of Consistency

Setting out to achieve this new goal was no easy task. Different calibers and gun sizes presented their own challenges. Transitioning from a full-size frame to a micro pistol or long hard trigger pulls, for example, often threw me off. I realized that to become proficient with any gun, I needed a structured training regimen that addressed these variations. This realization led me to develop my own training program.

The 4-Series Gun Classes

I created the 4-series gun classes—Next Pistol, Sights, Grip, and Trigger Movement—primarily to help myself become a better shooter and achieve consistent accuracy. These classes were designed to take a shooter from basic proficiency to being able to hit a 4-inch target. However, I soon recognized that while these classes were beneficial, they were not enough to meet my new goal. They only brought shooters to a 6-inch target 80-90% of the time. This was a great start, but clearly not enough! Click Here to Learn More

Tailored Training for Each Gun

To reach my goal, I realized that as each variant was tried and tested, my overall shooting ability improved. This sparked a drive to shoot and train with as many guns as possible. I understood that each variant of gun size and caliber required specific training and testing. This insight led to the development of a comprehensive training approach that included tailored drills and exercises for different firearms. As I was forced to think about the specific differences in guns, my overall shooting ability improved. The key was to practice with a variety of guns, not just one, and to ensure consistency across all of them.

The Birth of League Night

From this idea, the concept of League Night was born. League Night was designed to test myself and shooters while using a variety of guns. In doing this, we could evaluate our own skill levels with each variant of gun size, caliber, and sights. It was an opportunity for shooters to break out of their comfort zones and test their abilities with different firearms, identifying areas that needed improvement. While League Night was a valuable step in my journey, it soon became clear that I still needed more training beyond the 4-series classes and League Night sessions to reach my ultimate goal. Click Here for League Night

“The 4 inch”

The concept of “The 4 Inch”  was born from the need to achieve consistent accuracy across different guns. This is a series of tests and training sessions designed to push myself and other shooters to our limits, and help us achieve consistent accuracy across different guns. This initiative has taken my shooting and my thinking to the next level, providing goals and drive to practice and refine my skills. It's no longer sufficient to just go out to the range, fire off 50 rounds, and call it a day. Instead, I go out with a purpose, aiming to become better with a very specific goal in mind for that day.

What is “The 4 Inch”?

The 4” Club is a series of 15 tests designed to demonstrate a shooter's proficiency with any variant of gun. These tests cover a wide range of scenarios and shooting techniques to ensure comprehensive skill development. The tests include:

Achieve a 100% hit rate:

  • Micro compact .380 or higher @ 7 yards - 10 shots
  • .22LR @ 7 yards - 10 shots
  • 9mm @ 10 yards - 10 shots
  • .40 @ 10 yards - 10 shots
  • .45 @ 10 yards - 10 shots
  • Perfect score on 5” league night

Speed tests:

  • 3 shots @ 7 yards
  • 5 shots @ 7 yards

Proficiency with gun of choice:

  • Right hand @ 7 yards - 10 shots
  • Left hand @ 7 yards - 10 shots

Accuracy with different sights:

  • Gun with optics @ 10 yards - 10 shots
  • Gun with iron sights @ 10 yards - 10 shots

Master different grip styles:

  • Thumbs forward - 10 shots
  • Thumbs down - 10 shots
  • Wedge - 10 shots

These tests collectively ensure that a shooter is adept with any firearm and can consistently achieve high accuracy. The tests are taken over the course of time, requiring training to pass each test. The hope is that through the journey of passing these tests, each one of us develops skills and mindsets that will carry through the rest of our lives. We aim to take shooting beyond hoping we will hit the target to being in complete control of where the bullet lands.

The Ultimate Goal

My ultimate goal remains to achieve a 90% hit rate on a 4-inch target at 10 yards with any gun. This journey has taught me the importance of adaptability, continuous learning, and structured training. 

In conclusion, while my initial ambition was rooted in extreme precision, I have come to appreciate the value of practical accuracy. Hitting a 4-inch target 90% of the time with any gun is a realistic and valuable skill, and through dedicated training and community support, I am well on my way to achieving it. I also believe that anyone else could achieve this too!  In doing this our sport shooting will become better, and our self-defense will be flawless!

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