Welcome to the Underground

Imagine a league where three guns are on the table, and the selection changes weekly. Each participant picks up a gun and competes without any practice. Everyone uses the same guns, ensuring a level playing field. Only hits inside the circle count!

Every Tuesday Night: See times below

At the end of the night, scores are tallied and ranked.

Two leagues are available:

  • 2-Inch Circle
  • 5-Inch Circle

Shooting distance is 21 feet.

This challenge tests your ability to pick up any gun and be proficient!

The cost is $20 per night: Which includes ammunition.

Scroll down for more details.

First-time participants must call or text before showing up: (269) 414-8799.

Pistol 2 Inch League

Pistol 5 Inch League

Check out the guns per date

More Info

What gun are we using? Everyone showing up can enter in their gun. Get with me so I can assign a week to you. We can start with my guns to get this off the ground.

What Day/Time is this happening? Every Tue night from 5pm-10pm. Come at any point in this timeframe. Come between 6pm-8pm if you want a social side of the league!

Can anyone come? No! Invite only! If you want to be invited then reach out to Derek (269) 414-8799 and we can sit down and talk.

Why is it Invite Only? I want to make sure everyone is safe and has the attitude of listening and being nice. If you fall under these I should have no problem letting you come out!

Do I need to be an expert Shooter? No, just an expert at safety. The idea is to build skills.

I'm afraid there will be a lot of trash talking and people will treat me badly! I will ban anyone from my property that is rude or makes fun of people.

Will it be cold in the winter? A BIG no! Haven't you heard? I put in an indoor range on my property! Nice and Warm and we can shoot late!

I can't afford this each week! Any way I can come for Free? Yes! CLICK HERE