Target or Range Ammunition

Target or Range ammo is primarily FMJ (full metal jacket).  This is less expesive than defense ammo (typically hollow point ammo).
I would reccomend Brass caseing ammo over steel or alluminum caseings.


Feel free to bring extra ammo in case we have time to do any additional shooting.  Magazine holsters, range bag, second firearm, speed loader and holster are all things that can be brought to a class but are not neccesary.

Feel free to bring any snacks you may want.

This is not a problem at all and I am so glad you are starting the process of learning to shoot firearms.

You have three options 

  1. Talk to a trusted friend that can take you to a range
  2. Go to your local range and schedule a begginer class
  3. Sign up through Hembock for either the "Personal Instruction Class" or the "Intro Range Class"

Everyone should have some experience shooting a firearm before they sign up for the CPL class.

If you have any questions at all please reach out either via contact page on the website or at

It is very important that you have all your questions answered before you attend class.  Do not at all feel like you are a bother for reaching out.  Part of class safety is the right equipment and the right mindset.

Classes are held at the Dowagiac Conservation Club.  The class portion will be held indoors and range portion will be held outdoors.

Address: 54551 M 51 N, Dowagiac, MI 49047

Dowagiac Conservation Club Website

Check in the section "What to bring".  If a holster is not on that list do not feel you have to bring one.  If you have a holster feel free to bring one along.  If you have any questions on holsters do not hesitate to reach out via email, phone call or text.  

I am certified to teach Michigan CPL classes through MCRGO (Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners).  

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