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Sights: Class Series 2 of 4

Sights: Class Series 2 of 4

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Ready to take aim and sharpen your shooting skills? Our Sights Class is the perfect opportunity to enhance your shooting proficiency by mastering the most critical aspect of shooting: sight alignment and sight picture. As the second part of our 4-part series, this 3-hour session focuses on the cornerstone of shooting—using sights effectively.

Many shooters struggle with knowing if they're using sights properly, but by the end of this class, each student will leave with the confidence of knowing they're using their sights effectively. In this class, designed for shooters of all levels, you'll learn:

  • Why proper sight alignment is the most important part of lining up a shot
  • Techniques for mastering sight picture
  • Iron sight shooting basics
  • Red dot sight training exercises
  • Quick and accurate sight acquisition tips

Leave the class feeling confident in your ability to use sights effectively with precision and accuracy. Whether you're a beginner looking to establish a solid foundation or an advanced shooter aiming for perfection, this class is tailored to meet your needs. After this class, it will be one less struggle on the range. 

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