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Intro Pistol

Intro Pistol

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Great for Beginners

Do you want to be able to take your firearm out of the safe, check to make sure its unloaded and then drive with it to the range?  Once at the range, load it, fire it (hitting the target) and then unload it and drive home?  After you get home would you like to give the pistol one last check before you put it away?  Would you like to do all of this safely and confidently? This is what the Intro Pistol class is centered around!

This class is great for people entering the pistol world.  If you are brand new then this class is for you and we would love to have you come out.  If you are getting ready to head to a CPL class and want to feel confident in your gun handling skills, this class would be a great fit for you!

The class covers:

Safety while handling your pistol

Basic terms

Buying the correct ammo

Operating your firearm

Aiming and Firing your pistol

This class gets each shooter on target at 7-10 yards no matter the experience or knowledge.  

What to bring:

Pistol/ Ammo (50 rounds)

Eye and Ear protection


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