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Her Holster & Cleaning

Her Holster & Cleaning

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This two-part class is designed specifically for women who carry firearms, whether concealed or openly. It covers two essential aspects of gun ownership for women:

Part 1: Concealed Carry Fashion: Taught by a woman, this section of the class explores a wide range of carry options to suit individual preferences and fashion choices. It goes beyond traditional holsters, addressing how to integrate carrying a firearm into various outfits and occasions while still maintaining style and comfort.

Part 2: Pistol Maintenance: In addition to learning about different carry methods, this section covers pistol maintenance and cleaning. Participants are encouraged to bring their own pistols to learn how to properly clean and maintain their firearm.

Whether you're preparing for a CPL class, new to carrying a firearm, or have been carrying for years, join us to explore the best carry options for your style and learn essential pistol maintenance skills. Test out different holsters and discover the perfect fit for you before making a purchase.

Class Length: 2 hrs


Class Description

1. Overview of holster and purse options on the market

2. Fashion and how holsters and purses can work with your clothing.

3. Holster/ Purse brands & where to find them

4. Size of gun vs holsters

5. Do's & Don'ts of holsters/purses

6. Basics of Cleaning a Pistol

7. Leaving the Class with your pistol Cleaned

What to Bring

Pen/ Notepad

Carry Gun

Holsters (optional)




Text or Call Mary with any questions: (269) 599-0499

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