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Her Holster

Her Holster

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This class is designed specifically for woman who carry both concealed and/or open.  This goes beyond just hip holsters or inside the waistband. This class gets each person into the mindset of carrying a firearm while still dressing fashionably and being able to carry to each event.  Join in for a class taught by a woman to address the vast options to carry and still stay fashionable.

This is a great class for someone getting ready to take the CPL class or completely new to carrying a firearm.  Join us to test out which holsters fit your style the best before you buy.  

Class Length: 2 hrs


Class Description

1. Overview of holster and purse options on the market

2. Fashion and how holsters and purses can work with your clothing.

3. Holster/ Purse brands & where to find them

4. Size of gun vs holsters

5. Do's & Don'ts of holsters/purses

What to Bring

Pen/ Notepad

Carry Gun (optional)

Holsters (optional)




Text or Call Mary with any questions: (269) 599-0499

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