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Advanced CPL

Advanced CPL

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If you will want additional training on holsters, traveling with a firearm and accuracy with your pistol after the CPL Certification Class then sign up for the Advanced CPL Class.

This class is great for those wanting to re-cert their CPL or those who want additional training.

Class Length: 3 hrs

2 hours of Class time

1 Hour of Range time

Class Description

Advanced CPL really takes the student to the next level. 

Part of the class will be a review/extension of the CPL class ensuring that the student has retained and fully understands how to carry effectively.

The second class portion is digging into how the student carries currently.  This allows for a fully tailored class.  These classes are small and therefore gives the instructor more time to address each student individually to make sure the student leaves with best options for carrying. 

The Range Time is covering two topics.  How to utilize the students holster and how to be a more effective shooter.

What to Bring

Pistol/Handgun used for Conceal Carry

100 rounds Ammo

Holster used for Conceal Carry

Eye & Ear Protection




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